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Welcome to Chalet La Morena!

Yet sixty years ago, the mountain of the lake was alive.
The farmers kept mowed lawns, clean the woods, viable paths. In the summer, with their animals, it moving into "casej", small pastures distributed at different heights, on the plains shaded by chestnut trees.
It was their "vacation" to work like the rest of the year.
Claudio Ortodoro, the Clay know that since he was boy with a hard head and ingenious real "Laghee" has accomplished a small miracle, moving in its simplicity: he revived one of these "casej" in the most wild of Zelima, the steep coast Relation between the upstream and Lezzeno. Leaving the car in a pitch, take a trail through chestnut oaks and laurels, and after a quarter of an hour here is a clearing with newly planted vines; and the vegetable garden; the barn with pigs cows, goats; the house; the farm; the cat stretches in the sun on the porch; the smell of hay recently mowed; Clay that welcomes you with a rake in hand, but not for send you away. Takes you to a table on the terrace overlooking the lake, you will pay a glass of red wine, brings you a salami and cheese that the smell and taste of childhood As you prepare an omelet with onions or the "polenta voncia ", look at the lake below you, who takes the shadow of the woods, the mountains of Argegno, boats. A little little do you realize that the noises are usual today gone, or nearly so. No engines, no music shout no TV. Yet the road is just under there, sunk in the countryside. A great peace. It widens the breath is said from us. It is spontaneous, natural, say thank you.
Basil Luoni